This original score, Very Terrible Noises, orchestrates the noises associated with an outbreak of demonic possession and accusations of witchcraft in Ireland. The score features abstract field recordings from Islandmagee to imply the landscape is active, observing, waiting.

Soon, you will be able to listen to the original score below…


Adam Melvin is an educator, composer, writer, saxophonist in Popular Music and Composition at the Ulster University.  His music has received performances worldwide, including performances by the Composers Ensemble, Psappha, London Mozart Players, Carla Rees, Darragh Morgan, RAM Manson Ensemble and the New Juilliard Ensemble. 

Chris McCann is studying Creative Musicianship at Ulster University. He is a composer from Northern Ireland, writing music for films, television, games, animation and visual media. He is also the founder of Music Paths NI.

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